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VW Truck Unit MAN Gets Ready for Electric Semis for 2024

22 Jun 2022 | Abstracted from Autoweek

In addition to building 20 prototypes, MAN "also spent the last year building up its expertise in assembling battery packs, which will give the trucks a range between 600 and 800 kilometers (372 to 497 miles).

"MAN faces a number of challenges in Europe including a rising cost of raw materials, as well as the omnipresent issue of charging infrastructure for trucks serving somewhat irregular routes."

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Ford Scrapped Early Electric SUV Designs after CEO Jim Farley Saw It: 'It Looks Like a Prius. That's a Joke.'

22 Jun 2022 | Abstracted from Yahoo News

"Eager to make a splash with Ford's first modern electric car, Farley and other Ford executives decided to scrap the initial design and come up with something more exciting...back to the drawing board postponed the Mach-E's debut by several months..

"Farley pushed hard to make Ford's first electric SUV a Mustang, a controversial decision that has paid off...The Detroit automaker sold out of 2022 Mach-Es in April."

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78% of Adults in US Report Being Affected By Severe Weather Caused by Climate Change: Report

22 Jun 2022 | Abstracted from ABC News

"Of the more than 2,600 Americans polled earlier this year, 78% reported experiencing severe events -- such as heat waves, freezing cold temperatures, hurricanes, major flooding and wildfires -- in the past five years.

"24% reported experiencing serious health problems as a result of those extreme weather events, with 51% being of Native American descent, 31% Latino, 30% Asian, 29% Black and 18% white, according to the report."

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Seattle Installs EV Chargers on Utility Poles for City Residents Without Home Chargers

22 Jun 2022 | Abstracted from EcoWatch

"The new Curbside Level 2 EV Charging program provides EV chargers to Seattle residents who don’t have chargers at their own residence, although the service will be publicly available to anyone and will operate on a first-come, first-served basis."

"...each charger services one car at a time, providing up to 9.6 kilowatts. EVs will gain about 30 miles of range per hour plugged into the charger...EV owners will be expected to pay about $0.20/kWh."

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