17 Apr 2024 13:09:18 UTC


10-Year-Old Pilot Learns to Fly Electric Planes in Australia

At just 10 years old, Amy Spicer is an aviation enthusiast with credentials, but she's not looking forward to flying a typical plane. Amy is already looking ahead to the future by helming a Pipistrel Alpha Electro, the first certified electric aircraft...

TIME: 1:10

EV or Gas, What Pollutes More?

A lot of misinformation out there about pollution generated by Electric Vehicles, I spent over a year researching this and was shocked to find out what actually goes into producing the gas we burn in our cars every day.

TIME: 13:53

How Tesla Will Kill Gas Automakers w/ Jeff Lutz

Jeff Lutz is an ex Supply Chain C-Level Exec at several Fortune 100 companies like Google, Lenovo and Motorola. Currently running his own consulting firm. He talks how Tesla economics is crushing the competition.

TIME: 30:36

eVTOL Progress: USAF Trials Beta Electric Aircraft

Video review of development progress on electric VTOL projects, including tests by the US Air Force.

TIME: 15:50

Is Aptera's Efficiency Too Good To Be True?

Youtuber "Tailosive" estimates the efficiency of the Aptera compared to the Tesla Model 3, estimating it will realistically deliver 8-10 miles per kilowatt hour!

TIME: 13:14


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