01 Mar 2024 00:57:33 UTC


How Tesla Will Kill Gas Automakers w/ Jeff Lutz

Jeff Lutz is an ex Supply Chain C-Level Exec at several Fortune 100 companies like Google, Lenovo and Motorola. Currently running his own consulting firm. He talks how Tesla economics is crushing the competition.
TIME: 30:36

eVTOL Progress: USAF Trials Beta Electric Aircraft

Video review of development progress on electric VTOL projects, including tests by the US Air Force.
TIME: 15:50

Is Aptera's Efficiency Too Good To Be True?

Youtuber "Tailosive" estimates the efficiency of the Aptera compared to the Tesla Model 3, estimating it will realistically deliver 8-10 miles per kilowatt hour!
TIME: 13:14

2025 First Inside Look Tesla Next-Gen "Redwood"! Insane Price, Interior & Exterior Details!

Peek under the hood as we unravel the design secrets of the "Redwood." Nicknamed the "Cyberhatch," this compact crossover combines the best of Model 3 and Model Y, showcasing a unique blend of futuristic elements
TIME: 10:29

Presenting acti.ev | TATA.ev's First Pure EV Architecture

Launching "acti.ev" : Advanced Connected Tech-Intelligent Electric Vehicle' architecture. Tata's first advanced Pure EV architecture.
TIME: 2:32


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