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EV World commenced publication officially on January 1, 1998. Our objective -- then as now -- is to provide a human face to the topic of sustainable transportation with a focus on the people and policy, as well product.

In the intervening two decades plus, EV World has interviewed hundreds of guests, published literally more than 30,000 articles and news releases, and literally reached millions of readers, listeners and viewers every year. In our small way, we trust that we helped contribute to the now steady electric vehicle revolution that is taking place in the transition away from fossil fuels and the internal combustion engine to cleaner, quieter, super-efficient and just plain more fun to drive electric vehicles of all shapes and sizes, from land-based to seaborne to airborne and even the odd Lunar and Martian rover.

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We are based in Omaha, Nebraska in the heartland of America, but with global interest and reach. As we begin a new decade, we are revamping our format and mission. This particular website is devoted exclusively to hosting our "Future In Motion™" Podcast. Our news coverage is now concentrated on our @EVisioneer2020 Twitter account. We also maintain the @Quikbyke Twitter account devoted to electric-assist bicycles, as well as the website featuring our solar-powered rental/charging Qiosks. Our @Papio_Creek Twitter account covers news related to renewable energy, wind and solar principally.

Currently, we are exploring potential local interest in an electric car subscription service here in Omaha; preliminary details of which you can find on the SELECTRIC.EVWORLD.COM website.

EV World's publisher and editor in chief is J. William "Bill" Moore. Bill is a former minister who left the clergy to pursue a career in journalism and marketing. He became involved in the Internet in 1993, launching his first website in September 1994. Three years later, he started EV World and has published it continuously since then.

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