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The CEO on Iceland's Northern Lights Energy and founder of EVEN reports on the official reveal of Faraday Future's FFZero1 Electric Concept Car, as well as his own firm's plans for the EV world.

DATELINE: Las Vegas, Nevada 5 Jan. 2016. What Faraday Future unveiled last night in Las Vegas for the opening of the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show wasn't what a lot of us expected, including Icelander Gisli Gislason who received a special invitation to attend the event. The CEO of Northern Lights Energy and founder of EVEN, a multi-model electric car dealerships, assumed we'd see a stereotypical family passenger car.

Instead, the latest entrant into the EV world literally pulled the sheet off a single-seat model that would be right at home on the road track at Le Mans. The sleek, long-slung racer-styled concept called the FFZero1 isn't what the company plans to build, Gislason explained via telephone from Las Vegas. It is meant only to showcase the Chinese-backed company's technical capabilities: an electric drive train that can be adapted to a range of body styles, which is hinted at in the illustration visible in the photo below, which Gislason shared with EV World, as well as others posted at the end of this article.

Faraday Future executives at CES reveal of FFZero1 electric concept car

Previous to CES 2016, Gov. Brian Sandoval of Nevada announced that Faraday Future will soon break ground on a massive 900 acre production facility in North Las Vegas.. The company is pledging to deliver its first production car, which Gislason presumes will be a six-passenger model of some type in two years. The Icelander doesn't see them competing with Tesla's future Model 3, but with ICE-age cars powered by fossil fuels, though he admits 24 months is an aggressive schedule.

No details on the performance goals or pricing of the car were shared at the event, but we can assume that design work on the production car has to be pretty far along to announce the start of construction of the assembly plant.

Gislason, who returned to Iceland in 2008 just in time for the economic meltdown there that eventually saw many of its bankers sent to prison, realized that he needed to do something for his homeland after living in Copenhagen for half a decade. He spend a year traveling the world looking for electric cars that he would introduce to Iceland. Eventually he started importing Tesla Model S and other EVs to Iceland. Last year he opened his first EVEN showroom in Reykjavik's largest shopping mall. Now he's opening similar stores across Europe. The US, however, will likely be the last market he'll consider.

His interest in Faraday Future is both philosophical and financial: he wants to represent them in his network showrooms someday.

You can learn more about his impressions of Faraday Future and his plans for EVEN in the MP3 interview embedded below his photos of the FFZero1.

First Published: 2016-01-16

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