Powering the Future on Ant Venom

Dr. Chris D'Couto's company specializes in micro electric power systems: backup batteries that recharge your cellphone, tiny micro fuel cells, and now a reformer that converts formic acid, the key ingredient in ant venom, into hydrogen gas for running up to 5 kW fuel cells.


a d v e r t i s e r

Time Lapse Video of Strati 3-D Printed Electric Car

Local Motors developed the Strati electric runabout that is 3-D printed from some 40 parts in 44 hours. The electric drive, steering and suspension were added later.



46 Total Articles for Week of 14-Sep-14 to 20-Sep-14

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Electric Bike Market Gaining Traction Globally
The market for electric bikes is expected to grow in the coming years, as more people embrace the two-wheeler's advanced technologies and multiple benefits.

Electric Bicycles Sales Surging in Europe
According to European Union statistics, the trade bloc reached the 1 million e-bike mark two years ago, with Germany expected to account for 450K in 2014 alone

Easybike to Acquire Matra E-Bike Plant, Shift Production
Acquisition will also impact US-based AllCell, since EasyBike uses cells supplied by Samsung.

Las Vegas Bike Trade Show Signals Speed Up of E-Bike Market in USA
The e-bike market in the United States is finally gaining momentum. This was the main message of last week’s Interbike.

Peugeot Quartz Concept Sports Electric Hybrid Drive
Crossover concept to debut at 2014 Paris Motor Show is equipped with 270 hp gasoline engine and 85kW electric drive, along with a 31 miles of EV-mode range.

Porsche Panamera Hybrid Sales Soar Past 1,500 Units Worldwide
Porsche Panamera E-Hybrid now represent nearly 10 percent of 16,000 Panamera sold worldwide this year, lifting overall model sales 28% in 2014.

Electric Horseless Carriage Takes to Streets of New York
Prototype horseless carriage powered by electricity is now cruising the streets of Manhattan, the goal being to win public support for replacing the carriages of Central Park.

Electric Car Battery Swapping the Module Way
University of California San Diego engineering students believe that battery swapping at the module level can be a breakthrough approach to overcoming range anxiety and reducing the cost of electric cars by $10K.

Electric Cars Getting Cleaner, But Still Not the Magic Bullet
Union of Concerned Scientists report sees improvements in emissions per mile of electric cars over hybrids, even in states whose grids are heavily dependent on coal.

Hon Hai/Foxconn Group Readying to Enter Electric Car Market
Assembler of many Apple products will invest the equivalent of more than $814 million in city of Shanxi to build electric cars with sticker prices less than $15,000USD.

Study Finds Going Electric Cars Can Mean Cheaper Insurance Premium
CoverHound finds that drivers of electric cars can save, on average, $200 annual when they switch from gasoline cars to electric.

Tesla the Alt. Energy Car of Choice Over Fuel Cell Models
ISI Group states in its new report that ,'We believe... battery electric vehicles... and not hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles... present the optimum solution as OEMs pursue tailpipe emission free cars.'

Renault-Nissan Still Committed to Electric Car Battery Production
Despite press reports to the contrary, Renault-Nissan Alliance says it is still committed to its own battery production.

Toshiba to Provide Proterra With Rapid Recharge SCiB Batteries
Equipped with next generation Toshiba SCiB battery packs, a Proterra electric transit bus can be recharged from zero-to-80% SOC in just six minutes, allowing buses to travel 700 miles in 24 hours.

Scottish Researchers Develop Improved Hydrogen Electrolysis System
Using a special catalyst, the University of Glasgow system allows hydrogen to be produced at lower power loads offered by renewables like wind and solar, eliminating the use of coal or natural gas.

Volkswagen Executive: Toyota's Fuel Cell Experiment Doomed
Volkswagen Group Japan president Shigeru Shoji may fall prey to the "'Galapagos syndrome,' whereby Japanese products are popular only in their country of origin."

Toyota Quietly Introduces Mirai Hydrogen Fuel Cell Sedan
Toyota's Mirai FCV, due to go on sale or lease next year is starting to be seen around southern California; only its interior has been blacked out.

Where Will All Those Hydrogen Stations Be Built?
Developers are building hydrogen stations in clusters with the 23 stations that should be operational by the end of next year theoretically able to support between 2,700 and 4,800 fuel cell vehicles.

Examples of Peak Oil Are All Around Us
Former CIA analyst Tom Whipple sees that despite the shale oil boom, 'another shoe' is about to drop that will be 'worse in terms of oil shortages, higher prices and interrupted economic growth.'

Big Oil Needs Renewable Energy If It Is to Have a Future
Giles Parkinson observes the business model of Big Oil is already being eroded by rising capital intensity and diminishing returns.

Wind: The Most Efficient Source of Electricity
According to Energy Points, fossil fuels return the least amount of electric power for fuel consumed, while wind generates the most, followed by geothermal, hydro, nuclear and solar.

Nissan Engineers Create LEAF Pickup Truck
Engineers at Nissan's Technical Center in Stanfield, Arizona, combine a LEAF electric car with parts from the Frontier and Titan pickup to create an electric service truck for use around the center.


Spectacular Crash Could Help Boost Interest in Formula E Electric Car Racing
Fortunately the two drivers walked away from their final corner crash during the inaugural running of FIA Formula E race series in Beijing, but the spectacular collision certainly helps the event 'looks a lot more like real racing now,' writes Matthew Debord.

Newly Launched Formula E Racing Will Help Drive Electric Vehicle Innovation
CBC News' Andrew Lee reports on the inaugural running of the FIA Formula E race in Beijing, China on September 13, 2014.

Putting BMW's i3 Electric City Car Through Its Paces
BMW Blog writer reports on extended test drive of the i3, finding it a real crowd pleaser with tons of torque, if a bit 'darty' above 60 mph because of its narrower-than-normal 155mm tires.

Electric Cars, Other Factors Pose Threat to Highway Infrastructure
With American's driving fewer miles and gasoline cars fuel economy standards headed higher, the growth of electric cars, which use little or no gasoline means legislators need to find new mechanisms to fund highway improvements, writes Adam Galas.

Tesla Can Now Sell Cars Directly in Massachusetts, Rules High Court
Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court unanimously ruled that car dealers cannot use state law to protect themselves "against competition from an unaffiliated manufacturer."

Tesla Shares Hit Bumpy Spot on Anaylsts' Comments
While Morgan Stanley analysts still see Tesla shares ultimately worth $320, they reported this week that growth will likely be more volatile and protracted, causing shares to drop 9%.

What's Tesla Up To Outside Reno?
Las Vegas Sun tells its readers what Tesla is doing in northern Nevada at its future Gigafactory, which not only will be powered by the area's abundant solar and geothermal energy, but also take advantage of its rich mineral deposits.

Nissan Said Considering Ending Its Own Battery Production
Nissan has been unable to produce cost-competitive batteries compared to those manufactured by LG Chem, which not only supplies cells to General Motors, but also for some Renault models.

Renault Ready to Build Electric Fluence in China
Although Renault has partnered with Dongfend Motors on a joint venture to build cars in China, the Fluence may be built for another, as yet unnamed Chinese manufacturer.


Official Says China's Electric Cars Subsidies to Expire in 2020
Generous subsidies and incentives to both buyers and manufacturers is helping propel record sales of electric cars in China.

'New Energy' Electric Vehicle Production Explodes in China
Compared to August 2013, production of 'new-energy' vehicles has increased 11-fold year-over-year, and total production year-to-date has quadrupled to more than 30,000 units, reports China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

You Know Something's Up When the Voice of Bart Simpson Goes Electric
Besides The Simpson's actor, Nancy Carter, touting National Drive Electric Week, other celebrities and public officials across America are encouraging citizens to take a test drive of an electric car.

San Diego Home Now to Ten Thousand Electric Cars
In addition to the San Diego now boasting more than 10,000 plug-in electric cars, according to California's Plug-In Electric Vehicle Collaborative, there are more than 100,000 EVs in the state.

Electric Vehicles May Find Promising Role with Police Forces
Stealth and low maintenance and operating costs are attractive to budget-pressed police departments.

Car & Driver Compares BMW and Mercedes Electric Cars
While Car & Driver praises the Mrecedes B-Class EV, but finds the i3 an ambitious, if quirky, groundbreaking electric car.

Seven Ways Electric Cars Save Money
As America enters National Drive Electric Week, Elyssa Kirkham offers seven reasons why electric cars can save their owners money.

Kia Soul EV Seen as Best Electric Car Value
The Soul EV is rated at 120 MPGe city and 90 MPGe highway for an average to 105 MPGe combined, according to EPA rating.

BMW Considering New Electric MINI Superleggera
The proposed MINI electric car will be first mass-production EV and the first to move away from the original retro design.

Here Are Eight Things You May Not Know About Electric Cars
Nissan LEAF-sponsored list of advantages of electric cars from their often superior acceleration to low operating costs.

Smart Dealers Will Offer Electric Car Loaners to EV Owners
By loaning customers top-of-the-line electric models, savvy dealers can get current owners to begin thinking about upgrading their electric cars.

Toyota's Electric iRoad Bridges Span Between Carshare and Bikeshare
The pilot program named Cité lib will make 70 of the three-wheeled electric cars available to Grenoble residents from 29 stations across the city.

Killajoule Becomes World's 2nd Fastest Electric Vehicle
Designed, built, and driven by Eva Hakansson, the all-electric sidecar motorcycle breaks its earlier speed record at 270.224 mph at Bonneville Salt Flats, challenging Venturi's Buckeye Bullet speed of 307.6 mph.

New Report: Self-Driving Cars Seen Cutting Air Pollution
Self-driving cars would communicate with surrounding traffic and, it is believed, translate into less congestion and associated air pollution.

Arizona's Local Motors 3-D Prints First Electric Car
The entire 3-D printing process involving some 40 components takes 44 hours.

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