UJet electric motor scooter with 150km range

UJet Debuts Folding Electric Motor Scooter

Source: EV Worldwire

Engineered in Germany, assembled in Luxembourg, UJet electric scooter features folding frame, roller battery and 150km range with top speed of 45 km/h.

MIT and Lamborghini collaborate Terzo electric supercar concept

The Electric Supercar That "Repairs" Itself

Source: EV Worldwire

MIT and Lamborghini team up to create an electric car for the generation after next, one in which there are no batteries and it can drive itself.

Coradia iLint hydrogen fuel cell commuter train.

Niedersachsen Signs Agreement for Fuel Cell Trains

Source: EV Worldwire

Niedersachsen transport authority LNVG signs 30-year agreement with Alstom and Lind for the delivery, maintenance and fuelling of 14 Coradia iLint hydrogen-fuelled commuter passenger trains.

Citroen's plug-in SUV based on EMP2 generic platform.

PSA-Owned Opel Plans Plug-In SUV for 2019

Source: EV Worldwire

Recently taken over by France's PSA Peugeot Citroen, formerly GM-owned Opel teases design for a plug-in electric hybrid SUV said to rollout in 2019.

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Do the Math Before You Believe the Anti-EV Propaganda

By Bill Moore

A cartoon comparing the emissions of an electric powered by a fossil fuel plant versus a diesel automobile appeared on the @evworldeditor Twitter feed. It totally mischaracterizes the emissions of the electric car; and here's the math to prove it.

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1st Episode of EV OK Vlog

By Joseph Lado

This is the very first video of EV OK. This channel is about electric vehicles (EVs), alternative fuels, alternative energy with a focus on emissions free generation of electricity and more.