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Lithium Sulfur: Why This Accidental Battery Breakthrough Matters

Exploring why an accidental discovery may have unlocked the holy grail in battery research: an energy dense, long lasting, and safe battery that can be cheaper and more sustainable.

TIME: 13:10

Charging 5 Electric Cars From One Ford F-150 Lighting! Pushing Pro Power Onboard To The Max

The Ford F-150 Lightning has Pro Power Onboard which allows the user to bring household power wherever their truck is. That means we have to push it to the max! In this video Kyle and Jordan charge 5 other electric cars off of the F-150 Lightning for an entire night.

TIME: 25:09

Zinc Bromide GEL Batteries. Cheaper, Greener, Simpler & Safer Than Lithium-ion!

"[C]heaper, greener and safer alternatives for [grid storage] are being developed all the time. One of the latest candidates uses well established zinc-bromide chemistry but with a completely new twist, all wrapped up in very inexpensive and easily recyclable packaging from existing battery production lines.

TIME: 11:59

Tesla Reveals New Cybertruck Giga Press!

"Tesla Reveals New Cybertruck Gigapress! Elon Musks' secret weapon for building the Tesla Cybertruck has been revealed and it's the most powerful giga press casting machine in the world. Using 9000 tons of pressure, this new invention will forge the entire underbody of the frame in one giant piece."

TIME: 13:03

The Insane Engineering Behind the Lilium eVTOL Jet

"...more than 80% of the leading evtol companies are using conventional open propellers as the main propulsion system.

"Lilium, instead, has developed a novel electric ducted jet engine that integrates smartly with the wings of the aircraft. The success of this powerful technology not only will allow Lilium to achieve all the performance objectives of the flight profile, but also could help the aviation industry in the transition to affordable emission-free intercity air travel."

TIME: 11:44


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