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Larger Electric Aircraft Under Development

In this video we will look at some of the larger electric aircraft under development. These include Eviation Alice, Faradair BEHA, ERA by Aura Aero and ES19 and Heart Aerospace.

TIME: 10:53

World's First Solar Powered Campervan!

Fully Charged's Robert Llewellyn tours Stella Vita, the World's first ever solar powered campervan capable of a staggering 600 Km on a single charge! Aptly described as a "self-sustaining house on wheels" it comes kitted out with a double bed, sofa, kitchen area, a shower, sink and toilet! This could just be the perfect way to go off-grid.

TIME: 15:26

Beyond the Electric Car. How Batteries Can Save Us From a Green Disaster | Denis Phares | TEDxReno

More electric vehicles are on the road than ever before, but unfortunately, this could quickly stress our power grid. To avoid resorting to burning more coal and further damaging our environment to support the demand, we must embrace renewable energy...

TIME: 11:29

FINALLY! A Graphene Battery That Could Change Everything

We've been hearing about the potential of graphene for decades, and yet very few of the big promises have come to pass. But a new aluminum graphene battery design is coming out this year that could charge a phone in less than a minute, and it may be the future of energy storage.

TIME: 15:37

Lithium Sulfur: Why This Accidental Battery Breakthrough Matters

Exploring why an accidental discovery may have unlocked the holy grail in battery research: an energy dense, long lasting, and safe battery that can be cheaper and more sustainable.

TIME: 13:10


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