24 May 2024 01:01:49 UTC


17000 Miles in the 2022 Rivian R1T | Long-Term Test Update

We've had our long-term 2022 Rivian R1T Launch Edition for over a year now, and that means it's time for a big ol' update on what our ownership experience has been like.

TIME: 8:39

Flying Joby's Electric Air Taxi with a Pilot On Board

This testing, which took place in Marina, California, complements ongoing flight testing at Edwards Air Force Base, where both Joby and US Air Force pilots will demonstrate the aircraft's capabilities in realistic operating scenarios.

TIME: 1:33

Ex-Top Gear Star Sets Electric Car "Experts" Straight. Shocking Truth About EVs!

Watch as an ex-Top Gear presenter & a 'scrapheap specialist' dismantle everything you thought you knew about electric vehicles. See the "Biggest Electric Car 'Bull' Shattered", & in front of a live audience. Isn't it time to #StopBS, & start to put the poor motorist & the beleaguered taxpayer first?

TIME: 53:43

Mining the Sacred: Indigenous Nations Fight Lithium Gold Rush At Thacker Pass

In Nevada's remote Thacker Pass, a fight for our future is playing out between local Indigenous tribes and powerful state and corporate entities hellbent on mining the lithium beneath their land.

TIME: 25:26

MUNRO LIVE: John McElroy - Host of Autoline Network

Sandy reunites with old friend John McElroy, host on automotive news channel Autoline, to discuss how they met, their mutual connections at General Motors, software-defined vehicles, and why humans will prevail amidst the rise of AI.

TIME: 1:12:19


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