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Presenting acti.ev | TATA.ev's First Pure EV Architecture

Launching "acti.ev" : Advanced Connected Tech-Intelligent Electric Vehicle' architecture. Tata's first advanced Pure EV architecture.

TIME: 2:32

China's Tofu-Dreg EVs Dark Secrets: New BYD Exploded in Less Than a Week | Non-deploying Airbags

According this video, some of the toughest critics of BYD EVs are its customers. Report also offers favorable comparison to Tesla's China operations.

TIME: 14:33

Truth Behind BYD's BURNING Cars

"While BYD is a significant player in the Chinese automotive industry, it is important to research thoroughly and consider all aspects before investing in a particular model."

TIME: 2:43

Tesla dropped a Bombshell - German Auto Lobbies Openly Against Tesla

Lars Strandridder's analysis of Tesla's impact on the global car industry, including Sandy Munro's meet up with top five Tesla executives on the development of the Cybertruck

TIME: 35:45

Do Electric Planes REALLY Work?! Mentour Now tried one and here is what he thinks.

Blogger Mentour Now...had the chance to try out the Pipistrel Velis Electro at Green Flight Academy in Skelleftea, Sweden.

TIME: 26:26


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